Made with Pride

Wisconsin Cheese

When you add Meister Cheese to your menu, you are serving customers delicious cheese that’s backed by more than 100 years of craftsmanship, operational expertise and family heritage.

Demand for quality, specialty cheese has grown rapidly, and Meister Cheese has developed sustainable manufacturing methods at scale to meet this demand. We maintain close relationships with dairy farmers and ingredient suppliers in Wisconsin to ensure our custom flavors and formulas are delivered on time, every time. It’s a promise we’re proud to keep. Read about some of our core offerings.

Custom for you

Our team works with customers to develop custom cheese. This artisanal quality keeps consumers coming back for more. Meister Cheese will ensure you’re ready to keep up with the growing demand.

Food Safety Certifications

Our team is passionate and committed to food safety and food quality. Meister Cheese operates under many food safety programs, such as cGMP, HACCP, FSMA and SQF. Our food safety systems and facilities are routinely audited through unannounced inspections by the WDATCP, FDA and USDA. The Meister Cheese facility has been certified by SQF since 2015, and we recently registered for all SQF audits to be unannounced—that’s how much we trust our team to regularly follow food safety and quality protocols. This dedication is reflected in the quality of our products. Our cheese has received national and world awards, including 2020 World Champion in Smoked Cheddar, Medium Cheddar, Havarti, and Monterey Jack.

Environment-friendly Branding

Many people are searching for foods that not only taste good but are good for them and for the environment too. 

Our plant is built to have the smallest possible environmental footprint. Our Cows First™ program produces cheese that is sure to satisfy these environmentally conscious cravings. Meister Cheese developed Cows First to encourage the humane and responsible sourcing of milk in the dairy industry. Meister Cheese pays a premium to farmers who follow higher standards when it comes to their cows’ health and comfort, including no artificial hormones or antibiotics, cleaner and more spacious shelters, and vegetarian feed. With the Cows First mark on your menu, your customers know you back cheese that is high quality, clean, responsibly sourced and transparent.