Muscoda Protein Products:

A global supplier of whey products from the heart of America’s Dairyland.

As one of America’s most trusted and innovative manufacturers of food grade, whey-derived protein and lactose, leading manufacturers rely on our commitment to quality and dependability.


Our technology investments help us deliver unparalleled quality


Our proximity to raw materials helps ensure consistent availability

Eco-Friendly, Cost-Efficiency

Our clean, wood-burning technology helps minimize production costs

Consistent delivery. Competitive costs. Better service.

For exceptional quality food ingredients, choose a partner who delivers on time, every time.

Fresh Milk+Technology = Higher Quality Ingredients
Using state-of-the-art technology and processes — ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, low temperature evaporation, and gentle drying — we produce Whey Protein Concentrate and Lactose Powder of the highest quality and nutritional value.

Abundant, Fresh Whey Ensures Consistent Supply
We’re surrounded by whey. Next door, Meister Cheese processes high quality milk from 25,000 cows every day. And every 100 pounds of milk used to make cheese yields 90 pounds of whey. (Do the math, that’s nearly two million pounds of fluid whey each day!) This doesn’t even take into account that we have access to whey from many other nearby cheesemakers. After all, this is Wisconsin — America’s Dairyland.

Muscoda Protein Products