About Meister Cheese

Welcome to Meister Cheese Company!

We're committed to conceiving, producing, and packaging high-quality specialty cheeses that evoke artisanal quality. By combining state-of-the-art facilities & processes with Wisconsin cheesemaking expertise, we consistently and reliably provide our partners with high-margin "gourmet" cheeses that build brand and drive customer loyalty—all at a price that's competitive with "commodity" cheese manufacturers.

What can 3000 local cows do for you?

Located in America's Dairyland, Meister Cheese Company facilities are surrounded by nearby dairy farms. We process the output of up to three thousand cows daily to create our award-winning Cheddar, Monterey-Jack, and Colby specialty cheeses. Our economies of scale are combined with Old World craftsmanship to ensure your supply and guarantee excellence.

Packaged on our premises.

We're one of the few specialty cheesemakers that can cut, package, and label for retail sale. This saves time and cost for you.

Certified Organic means "Natural Value Added."

rBST free? Organic? Kosher? When you have a need to distinguish your cheese by certifying the milk that produces it, we are the source for you.

Today's upscale consumers pay close attention to the quality of the supply chain when they choose branded foods. Because we have a diverse supply of high quality Wisconsin milk, we can produce "certified" cheese to Kosher, Organic, or rBST free specifications. This gives our cheese specialties a marked advantage at the retail level, whether marketed under the Kase Meister brand or yours.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

We are Brand Builders

We produce and package cheese under many local and national brands. Our specialty cheeses can be found in finer supermarket deli departments and club stores across the country and beyond.


Our unique energy technology is eco-friendly...

Meister Cheese is located next door to a company that produces hardwood lumber. Formerly the wood chips that were a byproduct of their process were a disposal problem. Meister Cheese Company invested in wood-burning technology and equipment that uses the wood chips as a fuel source in replacement of natural gas. Now we are efficiently utilizing a renewable resource versus fossil fuels as the primary energy source for our cheese production.