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Frequently Asked Questions

What is rennet and why is it so important to cheesemaking?

Rennet is an enzyme that literally curdles the casein protein found in milk. It enables the first step in cheesemaking – the “setting” of the milk – before the curds are separated from the whey. (Remember Little Miss Muffet and her curds and whey?) Cheesemakers use a variety of coagulating agents, including vegetable or microbial based rennet.

What type of rennet does Meister Cheese use?

At Meister Cheese, we use microbial rennet.

Where can I find Meister Cheese products?

Click here to purchase Meister Cheese products online. If you’d like to learn more about the Kindred Creamery philosophy and product line, please visit

“The foundation of the Cows First™ program and Meister Cheese being a third-generation company just seemed like the right fit for us. Our grandfather envisioned having a grassroots family farm with profitability, and that’s exactly what the Cows First program has allowed us to achieve.”


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