Ecological sustainability is at the core of our "corporate culture" and "internal brand".

Meister BuildingEnvironmental awareness is nowadays a mainstream concern among American consumers, particularly for upscale customers, who pay close attention to the quality of the supply chain when they choose branded foods.

Responsible environmental stewardship and “sustainable” practices have been an integral, documentable part of the Meister brand for more than 30 years.

Marketing and selling our cheeses and dairy powders under your own brand allows you to leverage this legacy and integrate it into your branding efforts.

The Meister cheese factory and whey-processing plant share the same site, surrounded by small family dairy farms.

And we’re one of the few specialty cheesemakers with a cutting, packaging, labeling, and whey processing facility on the same premises.

This saves hundreds of thousands of “food miles,” as our resources are nearby, and our bulk cheeses and whey byproducts can be processed onsite rather than shipped elsewhere for further processing.

Our diverse and abundant supply of locally sourced high quality milk allows us to produce “certified” cheeses to the strictest specifications, including rBST-free, Pasture-raised, Organic, and Kosher.

When you have a need to distinguish your cheeses or dairy powders by certifying the milk that produces them, Meister Cheese Company is the source for you.

We invite you especially to tour our facilities and learn more about our sustainable practices and “logical environmentalism.”

Find out more about Meister sustainable practices.