We advocate "Logical Environmentalism."

EnvironmentalismWe receive a lot of welcomed attention in and around Wisconsin for our environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. But that was never our goal.

Instead, science shows us that doing things the most eco-friendly way is oftentimes the most efficient way—and therefore the most cost-effective way. This has certainly been the case for us.

We strive to be eco-friendly every day, in whatever we do, no matter how large or small. Some examples:


  • Our onsite cutting, packaging, and labeling facilities eliminate the need to ship our 40 lb. blocks of cheese miles away to be sized and individually wrapped for retail sale. This reduces the ecological impact of ‘food miles’ for our products—saving costs.
  • Our proprietary press system creates those 40 lb. blocks of cheese using “hoops” made of food-quality plastic, eliminating the need for thousands of pounds of un-recyclable cheesecloth that line conventional stainless steel cheesemaking hoops—saving costs.
  • We recycle our gently used single-use cheese boxes rather than throwing them away—saving costs.


EnvironmentalismWe understand that while large news-grabbing initiatives are important, it’s the many little things that eventually add up to significant energy savings and responsible environmental stewardship. That’s how we make “logical environmentalism” part of our internal brand and corporate culture.

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